Wind Seeding Tower

By:  | May - 8 - 2023

Honorable Mention
2023 Skyscraper Competition

Fang Huo, Xinxuan Li, Bingjie Wang, Qining Zhang

The design scheme uses the unique strong wind conditions of Mongolia to spread grass seeds, so as to solve the desertification problem of Mongolia and restore the natural ecology and national economy of the country. The plight of Mongolia stems from the vicious cycle of nomadism, overgrazing and lack of green space. The lack of pastures has led to many people losing their jobs and being forced to work in the capital, thus exacerbating the problem of population distribution in the country. The wind seeder we designed uses the acceleration principle of Laval nozzle, which can increase the wind speed by 10 times only by changing the cross section, so that the seeds can be sown on the land 1 km away.

At the same time, the whole process is combined with the inherent animal husbandry of Mongolia. We have designed a seed capsule with small wind resistance to use cattle and sheep to step the seeds into the ground. When the capsule breaks, the nutrients in the capsule can make the seeds grow rapidly, and in this way, the desert will eventually become a pasture.The system detects the wind speed at the air inlet, and changes the seeding distance by controlling the initial wind speed, thus achieving zonal seeding. Sowing areas and grazing areas are staggered to create a virtuous cycle of seeding, growth and grazing, so as to achieve the results of artificial control and planning grazing. The whole process is driven by natural conditions, only by physical means to change the wind speed, and the rest steps are carried out naturally by the device, which not only realizes the self-regulation of regional greening, but also makes people and nature reach a dynamic balance.

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